About JT

Personal Trainer with 30 Years of Experience

Conveniently located in St. Paul’s lovely Como Avenue neighborhood, JT Fitness is owned and run by Jim F. Thomas. Don’t call him Jim – everyone calls him “JT.”

JT has been helping people stay fit, get stronger and recover faster for more than two decades. Previously head of Fitness Express of the Twin Cities for more than 21 years, he opened his new workout studio in 2012.

Anyone who knows JT will tell you he’s a fun guy to be around. He can tell stories with the best of them, and he has plenty of background material to work with – after all, he has been a professional football player (with the Houston Oilers), a professional wrestler and an accomplished body builder. At Utah State University, where he majored in sales and marketing, JT was a 1st Team All American football player.

But that’s not during the workout. During the workout, JT helps you focus on achieving your personal goals – and motivates you to achieve what you may have thought was impossible.

Areas of Expertise

A versatile fitness trainer and former professional athlete, JT is an expert in

strength conditioning | fitness | yoga | massage

JT focuses on creating workouts specific to your goals and offers a variety of exercises. He wants to not only help you get in shape, but to make regular training and proper nutrition a part of your lifestyle. JT trains with high intensity workouts that target key muscles, and cardio exercises that burn fat.

He is a great motivator as well, as many of his long-time clients will attest. In addition, he is certified in personal training, CPR and First Aid


JT Fitness

1810 Como Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

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