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“I’ve been working out with JT for almost five years.  He provides good one-on-one training at a reasonable price.  I spend my career sitting in meetings or at a computer – but as a result of working out with JT, I am now as fit as I’ve been since I was in the Marine Corps in the 1970s.  He has a full program of both cardio and weights, but most important is his understanding of muscles and the body.  The mega-fitness centers didn’t appeal to me – I prefer the small friendly clientele and comfortable atmosphere at JT Fitness, and I love the new gym. ”

Tom Kigin

“Jim has helped me build muscle and get in great shape. But more than that, he motivates me to continue with healthy habits and provides education on how to exercise and take care of my body. JT’s Fitness is where I go to feel great – physically, mentally, and emotionally. JT is a fun guy and an expert in the gym.”

Peter Schultze

“I have been working out with JT for 6 years. He pushes me hard and keeps me in shape for all the sports I want to keep playing. I am turning 60 soon and feel GREAT!

Thanks JT!”

Jim from Minneapolis

“JT has been my trainer for more than twenty years. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of sports and health. He instructs me on proper weight training to improve my strength for the squash court, helps speed my recovery from injuries with exercise and massage therapy, and advises me on matters ranging from diet to general health. JT is always very professional, friendly, and easy-going. His knowledge about fitness, health, and training, and his massage skills are unequalled.”

Anne Nelson

Personal Trainer St Paul

About JT

Personal Trainer St Paul

JT’s Fitness is owned and run by Jim Thomas in St Paul, MN. Don’t call him Jim – everyone calls him “JT.”

JT has been helping people stay fit, get stronger and recover faster for three decades. Previously head of Fitness Express of the Twin Cities for more than 21 years, he opened his new workout studio in 2012. Jim is the fitness expert — he has been a professional football player (with the Houston Oilers), a professional wrestler and an accomplished body builder. At Utah State University, where he majored in sales and marketing, JT was a 1st Team All-American football player.

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